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All Categories > Fixturing Magnets, Lift Magnets, Workholding Magnets and Shop Equipment  

Fixturing Magnets, Lift Magnets, Workholding Magnets and Shop Equipment

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Eclipse Magnetic Precision Tools

Magnetic Tools

MPI offers the complete line of Eclipse magnetic precision tools, Eclipse magnetic welding tools, Eclipse magnetic workshop tools and Eclipse hand tools. MPI also manufactures its own line of magnetic hand tools (MHT series) to provide a quick and easy way to handle small ferrous parts.
Lift Magnets

Lift Magnets

MPI's offers its permanent magnetic parts lifter (PMPL series) as well as the entire line of easy-to-use Eclipse lift magnets which allow a single operator to readily lift heavy and awkward loads. Eclipse lift magnets are easy to install and use, require no electricity (most models), boast minimal running costs, and are safe and efficient.
Large Bipolar Magnets

Fixturing and Holding

MPI offers its exclusive switchable permanent magnet (SPM series), which delivers four to ten times the holding power of competitive products as well as the complete line of Eclipse line of workholding magnets. MPI also provides a variety of alnico workholding magnets, alnico rotor holding magnets, 2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole and 5-pole magnets, bipolar magnets, horseshoe magnets and island pole magnets.  Wall magnets (WM series) can be used in shop areas to organize jobs in process or hold product drawings on manufacturing equipment.
Mobile Shop Carts

Shop Equipment

MPI offers top-notch, unique equipment to keep your shop running efficiently 24/7. TCK computer enclosures protect computer systems located in warehouses or factories from dirt, dust, water and impact. Magnetic sweepers and brooms handle all clean-up needs, and tackle even the toughest jobs. Boasting permanent or rare earth magnetic material, magnetic sweepers and brooms quickly pick up ferrous parts and scrap, and remove potentially hazardous materials from damaging floors and equipment.  MPI’s ergonomic mobile shop cart allows workers to quickly roll work around the shop floor, instead of carrying parts or using unwieldy dollies. The Hydration Station provides plant staff, shop workers and employees located in the factory with a close, secure and clean area to wash hands, get water or dispose of liquids. Also designed to serve as a nearby employee safety station, the Hydration Station can include an eye wash, drenching showers and first-aid kits.
DVX Safe Boxes


DVA safe boxes provide added security, safety and strength to high-value parcels shipped by FedEx®. Constructed of double-strength aluminum alloy and built to withstand powerful blows and to thwart tampering, DVA boxes fit securely in standard (medium or large) FedEx® shipping boxes. Only the customer and the recipient have the combination needed to open the box’s integrated lock.
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